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 Need For Speed Underground 2 Magazines

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PostSubject: Need For Speed Underground 2 Magazines   Need For Speed Underground 2 Magazines Empty2012-04-13, 08:57

Magazines in Need For Speed Underground 2
Here is a list of all magazines in Need for Speed Underground 2 and which requirements you have to meet to get on their covers:

Auto Motor-20 wins on level 5
AutoMaxx-16 wins on level 4
Car Audio and Electronics-6 wins on level 3
Chrom und Flammen-27 wins on level 4
Elaborare-3 wins on level 4
GTI-11 wins on level 3
GTI-16 wins on level 5
Hot 4's-18 wins on level 3
Import Tuner-4 wins on level 5
Maxi Tuning-7 wins on level 4
Power-32 wins on level 5
Spoiler-11 wins on level 4
Sports Compact Car-8 wins on level 2
Street Car-2 wins on level 3
Street Car-9 wins on level 5
Street Tuner-28 wins on level 5
Stuff-20 wins on level 4
Super Street-28 wins on level 5
Swiss Tuner-25 wins on level 5
Turbo-4 wins on level 2
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Need For Speed Underground 2 Magazines
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